Coffee Shops

There are different reasons why coffee lovers select a certain coffee shop. Most of the time, it is strongly related to convenience and loving what is offered. We help you to add convenience to your perfect coffee.

Our Advantages :

Speed of Service

What Coffee lovers really appreciate during the morning and midday coffee rush, is a quick service. Smart Kiosk makes it smoother, quicker and more enjoyable for the customers. It’s a different experience. While Smart Waiter enables you to receive more customers on your drive-thru in a more organized flow. Besides, Smart Menu will give the control to the customers to take their convenient time and order from their devices while waiting in the line.

Enhance Accuracy

Most complaints from coffee lovers are some missing flavors in their drinks. Either because of misunderstanding, language barriers, or they simply forget to add their favorite flavors. Smart Kiosk is your perfect tool to eliminate that concern. Everything will be offered to the customer and will be displayed to the baristas, whose main focus is the perfect coffee. Even for those on a rush at the drive-thru, Smart Menu will ensure another perfect and accurate experience for them.

Customers Preference

Many people prefer simple coffee, yet many others have their complicated recipes. Smart Kiosk is making it easy. Customers can simply save their orders and recall them whenever they visit your shop. That’s beside quick payment methods. Therefore, Smart Kiosk makes customers prefer to stop by your shop compared to many others.

Less Employees and Focused Services

Utilizing Smart Prints technologies to make work easy and help all employees be more productive will lead to a happier, more engaged workforce. In turn, this energized workforce will have more time, energy and enthusiasm to devote to customers. If businesses legitimately want to be customer-focused, they must start by being employee-focused.

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