There are many different reasons why consumers select a coffee shop. Most of the time, it is strongly related to convenience and loving what was offered. We help you to turn a Perfect Coffee into a Satisfying Coffee.

Our Advantages :

Speed of Service

What Coffee lovers really appreciate during the morning and midday coffee rush, is a quick service. Our Self-Service software significantly cut out all the waiting times usually the customer spent to place an order. We ensure shorter lines, less waiting, and a more pleasant experience for diners and employees, whereas you take some pressure off of your staff during peak times.

Enhance Accuracy

Most complaints from coffee lovers are some missing flavors in their drinks. Either because of misunderstanding, language barriers, or they simply forget to add their favorite flavors. Smart Kiosk is your perfect tool to eliminate that concern. Everything will be offered to the customer and will be displayed to the baristas, who will only focus on presenting the perfect coffee.

Fully Customizable

A major complaint in this type of business is that the drinks don’t always taste the same, and Coffee lovers usually make it difficult for employees by ordering much customized drinks. Instead of cream, they want low-fat milk, less syrup in the beverage, or an additional shot of espresso and so on. Our system allows your customers to order and customize their drinks to ensure that they will get the beverage they want the way they wanted.

Easy & Convenient

Many people prefer simple coffee, yet many others have their complicated recipes. It is now quiet easy, they can simply save their orders and recall them whenever they visit your shop. That’s beside quick payment methods. That all makes customers prefer to stop by your shop instead of many others.

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