It is a self-ordering service for Fast-Food, Restaurant, coffee shop... Smart Kiosk will automate ordering services. It is designed to direct employees focus on service improvement, and to satisfy the customers as never before.

Reducing Operations Cost

Smart Kiosk is your ideal solution to significantly cut-down your operations cost and enhance your service accuracy. Customers will control their orders, and no chance for employees’ mistakes.

Influence Customer behavior

Take the customers through your preferred shopping route to ensure offering them all targeted products, enhance suggestive selling and promotions. That is a great tool to change the customer behavior to the way it better serves your business interests.

Control your Cash

Variances in cash are very common in restaurants. It’s now in your hand to reduce it to the maximum, by digitizing your payment to avoid any possible discrepancies.

Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

The convenience Smart Kiosk provides by making it easy for customers to order, pay and pick the order in a short time, will definitely improve customer experience and create loyalty.

Affordable Packages

No matter how large or small your shop is. Our solution is flexible enough to meet your needs at a very reasonable cost.

Re-think Your Staffing Strategy

With Smart Kiosk, there is no need for hiring more people while you have the choice to automate many customer-related activities.

Smart Kiosk Modules

Front-Office Application

Self Vending Application

Front-Office is a Self-vending application for multi touch screen systems. It allows your customers to do interactive orders using a multitouch screen or voice commands.


BackOffice Application

Cloud Administration Management

It's Cloud Administration Management. Via a web browser, you can manage all your data, customize your menu, manage products, export your accounting data, and much more ...


Kitchen Application

Kitchen Display & Control Application

Kitchen Display & Control Application. Kitchen App is a Display System that allows your back of house staff to monitor, visualize and control real-time kiosk orders.


Special Features

Quality & Innovative technology

We provide you with the latest technologies and the smartest solutions using AI to achieve higher levels of quality for your customers.

Brand, Logo, and Customization

Our solution is customizable, we can modify it to suit your specific product and services that you are offering. We make it according to your needs.

Value vs. Service

Fast Food, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Groceries, or Retailer, we provide a great opportunity for everyone to benefit from the latest technologies at an affordable price.

Technical Support 24/7

Get peace of mind, we’re here to help your team to succeed. We are keen to answer any technical questions whenever you need help. We provide in-depth guidance to both technical and business users.

Features :

  • Self service point of sale application.
  • Manage Products, Categories and Options.
  • Multi-location management.
  • Multi-users management (Administrator/Branch manager).
  • Offers and promotions management.
  • Advertisement banners management.
  • Customers tracking for loyalty program.
  • Coupon redumption management.
  • Arabic and English language support.
  • Data Reporting and exportation module.
  • User interface customization according your colors and brand.
  • Advanced Technical support (24h - 7 days).

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