A Supermarket, pharmacy, or any other retail store.

Smart Retail gives you the chance to be one of the pioneers to keep up with the technology advancement, with a solution that reduces operations cost, guarantees a quicker ROI and surely a better customer experience.

Reducing Operations Cost

Smart Retail is your ideal solution to significantly cut-down your operation cost and enhance your service accuracy. Customers will control their orders, and no chance for employees’ mistakes.

Hassle-free Check out

Smart Retail is a fast and simple check-out. Customers will easily scan their orders, pay and leave the store with no hassle, and as fast as never before.

Less Employees and Focused Services

While Smart Retail is managing your customers check-out. Your team can focus more on services’ improvement.

Convenient Payment

Multiple payment options are available, such as; EMV Chipcard / NFC Contactless payments (Master Card, Visa ..), QR code payment (STCPay), Mobile wallet payments; Mada Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay.

Customized Reports for Better Insights

Smart Retail provides you with well-presented reports and enables you to track your store’s performance in the most user-friendly way.

Quick Return on Investment

Smart Retail provides the best ROI by increasing the profit. It boosts the volume of the daily transactions by serving more customers at a time it reduces the operations cost.


Front-Office Application

A Self Checkout Application

Provided with a smart touch screen using a system that displays all order’s details, after including their products, your clients will pay either by card or mobile. As a screensaver mood, your kiosk will become a digital signage screen automatically, ads and offers will be showcased non stop.

BackOffice Application

Cloud Administration Management

Via a web browser where you can manage all your products, run and control ads/offers and also track everything through an advanced dashboard and reporting system.

ERP/POS Integration Service

Professional Services Integration

With a large experience with complex software systems, We can provide advance professional services in order to integrate with your existing ERP/POS System with our Smart Retail Solution.

Features :

  • Self service point of sale application.
  • Manage Products, Categories and Options.
  • Multi-location management.
  • Multi-users management (Administrator/Branch manager).
  • Offers and promotions management.
  • Advertisement banners management.
  • Customers tracking for loyalty program.
  • Coupon redumption management.
  • Arabic and English language support.
  • Data Reporting and exportation module.
  • User interface customization according your colors and brand.
  • Advanced Technical support (24h - 7 days).

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