Reshape Customers Experience !

A self-service touch screen AI Scale with a built-in camera and an advanced learning system automatically identifies items using artificial intelligence.

Automatic Product Detection

Smart Scale with an intelligent built-in camera, provides an automatic recognition of the products, then prints the label with the item’s name and weight and a barcode.

No Operators needed!

Smart Scale is a self-service scale that can operate 24/7, with no labors needed to serve the customers. It is a smart tool to save on labor cost and guarantee great ROI in a short period of time.

No More Queues

With Smart Scale operations will be as smooth as never before. Customers will serve themselves in a single step by just placing the item on the scale and get their accurate label for the product easily.

Cloud Administration.

Via a web browser you can manage all your data, update pricing, manage products, visualize reporting and KPI’s, export your data and much more …


Front-Office Application

A Self Service AI Application

Provided with a smart touch screen scale using AI to provide automatic recognition of the products, and prints the label with the item’s name and weight and a barcode, just by placing the item on the weighing plate.

BackOffice Application

Cloud Administration Management

Via a web browser where you can manage all your categories, products and also track everything through an advanced dashboard and reporting system.

Model Customisation

Professional Services Integration

With a large experience with complex software systems, We can provide advance professional services in order to integrate with your existing ERP System and also we can customize the AI Model to your own products/data.

Features :

  • Self service point of sale application.
  • Manage Products, Categories and Pictures.
  • Multi-location management.
  • Multi-users management (Administrator/Branch manager).
  • Advertisement banners management.
  • Automatic Detection using AI and machine learning.
  • Customize your AI model based on your data.
  • Arabic and English language support.
  • Data Reporting and exportation module.
  • Advanced Technical support (24h - 7 days).

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