Restaurant Tables Management Solution

Level Up Your Team Efficiency And Productivity by using our Restaurant Tables Management Solution for managing dine-in orders with direct integration with your point of sales and your kitchen application..

Increase Table Sales Turnover

Smart Waiter application increases table turnover in every shift, keeping customers happy and boosting your bottom line.

Ensure Higher Sales

Remind your staff of any recommended items to suggest while taking the order, or just push them a reminder before submitting the order.

Optimize Operations

Speed up your operations and enhance your accuracy of orders by sending the orders directly to the POS and the kitchen stations.

Guaranteed POS Integration

A simple to use, highly efficient software that provides real-time integration with your POS system.

Multiple Kitchen Displays

Regardless of your stations at the kitchen, each station will receive their dedicated products to prepare.

Simple Product Navigation

It’s simple to use software by navigating through category or order frequency. It’s also easy to add, adjust or delete any orders during the order or preparation process.

Seamless Menu Customization

With cloud management, you can central-manage all of your menu and branches. It also enables the store manager to disable and activate products.

Affordable Packages

No matter how large or small your shop is. Our solution is flexible enough to meet your needs at a very reasonable cost.

Alert on Allergies

Details of the products are provided under each item which shows the nutrition facts, it can notify the waiter and the customer of any allergic ingredients.

Perfectly used for Drive-Thru

Never think it is limited to the dine-in, in fact it is perfect for drive-thru. Major clients are gaining huge benefits of the service for drive-thru.

Customization, Analysis and Orders Tracking

With the back-end management on cloud, using any web browser on a personal device, you can central-manage your menu, run many reports and orders tracking and frequency for each branch, table, device, employee or customer.


Android Tablet Application

Frontend application

Using An Android tablet, it allows your waiters to take easily and efficiently your dine-in orders while showing your menu to your customers.

Kitchen Application Module

Web Cloud Application

It Enables your back of house staff to monitor, visualise and control orders in real time. With Immediate orders Update for customers.

Smart Automation Integration

Professional Services Integration

Using the most advance automation technology our integration module can push your orders easily to you current POS software Easily.

Cloud Administration

Backend Web Application

Via web browser you can manage all your data, customize your menu, manage product, export your accounting data and much more ...

Features :

  • Frontend Tablet Android application.
  • Manage Products, Categories and Pictures.
  • Multi-location management.
  • Multi-users management (Administrator/Branch manager).
  • Advertisement banners management.
  • POS Integration using Automation Services.
  • Kitchen and Customer Display Screens.
  • Arabic and English language support.
  • Data Reporting and exportation module.
  • Advanced Technical support (24h - 7 days).

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