Fast-Food Industry

Optimize your services and cut-down your cost by using Smart Prints’ Self Service Solutions.

Sometimes you need to help your customers serve themselves instead of serving them directly to provide better customer experience.

Our Smart Self service Solution helps you to do so.

Our Advantages :

Speed of service

Fast-food customers have to go through three main waiting cycles: Pre-process where the customer is in line waiting to make an order. In-Process where he will be at the counter gives his order and pays. Post-Process: The customer waits for his order to be ready. Our Smart Self-Ordering Software makes it much easier and smoother for your customers. We directly influence the way they experience waiting.

Rising customer expectations

The automation of the repeated actions allows your employees to just focus on providing better services to your customers such as greeting customers, offering assistance, bringing their food to the table, offering suggestions, keeping the surrounding clean, engaging with guests to make sure they are satisfied and doing what machines can't. This will give you happy customers which often translate into repeat customers.

Enhance Order Accuracy

Using Smart Kiosk Solution in your Fast Food, the margin of error for orders will significantly decrease as customers select and submit their orders on their own. The well presented digital menu alleviates miscommunication. With increased order accuracy, your kitchen won’t be wasting time preparing unordered items, and your servers won’t have to face angry customers.

Employee Satisfaction

The main goal of any Fast Food is to please customers, but the employees are important too. Our Smart Kiosk software allows for a more convenient and productive work environment. There will be no manual calculations or processing, fewer errors, short waiting lines, fewer customer complaints, and so on. All these lead to less stress on staff, a more effective work environment, therefore, happier employees. The happier your employees are, the best services your clients get.

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