About Smart Prints

Smart Prints is a Saudi startup that builds software to improve customer relationships. It was created to bring a sense of calm and organization to the often crowded and chaotic world of customer service. Our software is efficient and flexible to meet your business needs.

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Fast-Food, Restaurant, coffee shop, grocery shop, pharmacy or a retailer... Automate your services, let your employees focus on business improvement, and Make your customers satisfied as never before.

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Cut-down your Operation Cost

Smart KIOSK will significantly Cut-down your Operation Cost and enhance your service accuracy by automating all your repetitive activities.

New Workers Reduction Strategy

Why hiring more people while you have the choice to automate many customer-related activities.

Control your Cash

Variances in cash are very common in restaurants. It’s now in your hand to reduce it to the maximum, by digitizing your payment to avoid any possible discrepancies.

Voice Ordering Feature

The first voice command self-service KIOSK in the market. Let your customers be safe by using our innovative voice ordering feature with Arabic and English.


Quality & Innovative technology

We provide you with the latest technologies and the smartest solutions using AI to achieve higher levels of quality for your customers. Voice command is our competitive edge, It is now within your grasp.

Brand, Logo, and Color customization

Our solution is customizable, we can modify it to suit your specific product and services that you are offering. We make it according to your needs.

Value vs. Service

Fast Food, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Groceries, or Retailer, we provide a great opportunity for everyone to benefit from the latest technologies at an affordable price.

24/7 technical support

Get peace of mind, we’re here to help your team to succeed. We are keen to answer any technical questions whenever you need help. We provide in-depth guidance to both technical and business users.


A grocery, pharmacy, or any other retails. It is time to be one of the pioneers to keep up with the technology advancement, with a solution that reduces operations cost, guarantees a quicker ROI and surely a better customer experience.

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Easy and Fast Check out

Smart KIOSK will significantly Cut-down your Operation Cost and enhance your service accuracy by automating all your repetitive activities.

Minimal Manpower and Focused Service.

Reduce your manpower cost by automating services, while the team can focus on improving services.

No more hassles of payments

Multiple payment options available like EMVchipcard,contactless payments (NFC), QR code payment, mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay.

Customized reports for better insights

Smart Retail provides you with well presented reports and lets you track your store performance in the most user-friendly way.

Achieve Quick Return on Investment

Our Solution provides the best ROI by increasing the revenue by boosting the volume of daily transactions serving more customers and at the same time reducing the operational cost.


Providing self customer service is becoming more important now than ever before, and AI is taking it to the next level. Customers are expecting fast service 24/7, so if you want to get a competitive advantage in the market, inject our solutions into your business.

Fast Food

Sometimes you need to help your customers serve themselves instead of serving them directly to provide better customer experience. Our Smart Self service Solution helps you to do so.

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Coffee Shop

There are many different reasons why consumers select a coffee shop. Most of the time, it is strongly related to convenience and loving what was offered. We help you to turn a Perfect Coffee into a Satisfying Coffee.

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Our Self Ordering Solution takes complete care of all your Customer related activities. From managing orders to receiving payments, All your operations will be efficiently automated.

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Now days, pharmacies are not just serving medications and drugs. You can find a large game of products from cosmetics to nutritions. Our Self Vending Solution takes complete care of your Customers in a hurry...

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By adopting our Smart System, you’ll see benefits in every area of your business. Our Self Ordering Solution takes complete care of all your Customer related activities. It is easier to use and more cost-effective.

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Our Smart Retail Solution allows you to effectively track sales, analyze revenue and behaviour, analyze sale trends, and much more repetitive activities.

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Smart Prints

Address : 2930 northern ring rd - Al Wadi Dist. RIYADH 13313 - 6137 KSA.

Phone : +966 552-385-990 / +966-543-694-064